Climate Resilience of EU Wood Value Chains Workshop

Climate Resilience of EU Wood Value Chains Workshop

Are you a forest owner, manager or a stakeholder in the wood value chain? On Tuesday 19 March 2024, from 14:00–16:00 CET, join the RESONATE online workshop on climate resilience of EU wood value chains, exploring adaptation measures and societal demand.

Explore the impact of climate change on the resilience of forests, the wood industry and society’s demand for forest products and services. Engage with experts Annechien Dirkje Hoeben, Tobias Stern, Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, and Marie Lautrup in insightful discussions.

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Technology Transfer Workshop

Technology Transfer Workshop: Best management practices to produce plants free of Phytophthora in nursery for forest restoration projects

Numerous studies around the globe have identified nurseries as a major source of plant pathogens that may be released in the wild, with significant consequences for the health and integrity of natural and forest ecosystems. Species in the oomycete genus Phytophthora are well known pathogens causing damaging diseases on forest trees and agricultural crops worldwide. Once introduced the eradication of these pathogens is difficult if not impossible, therefore preventing their introduction by using pathogen-free plant stock is the most cost-effective approach. In this workshop an example of best management practices to produce plants free of Phytophthora in forest nurseries to address the need of clean planting stock for restoration projects will be presented. The pilot trials were carried out in a public nursery managed by the FoReSTAS Agency, under the coordination of the AGRIS Agency and the University of Sassari.

When: 19 July 2023

Where: Online

Time: 10:00–12:00 (CET)

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Agroforestry benefits, innovations, and useful procedures in grazed woodlands

Agroforestry benefits, innovations, and useful procedures in grazed woodlands: Technology Dissemination Workshop

Focusing on practical issues, this agroforestry benefits workshop will discuss the way a traditional system of land use combines certain grazing animals with trees, how this can be advantageous, and what time-tested and innovative techniques can be helpful (such as tree planting, protection of saplings, pollarding and pruning, and sowing grass and legumes).

When: 18 July 2023

Where: Online

Time: 12:00-13:30 Eastern European Summer Time (UTC +3)


Brief introduction to the LIVINGAGRO project. The workshop will focus on these questions:

  • Silvopastoral use since…?
  • What combines with what?
  • How to turn disadvantages into advantages?
  • What to take into account for future challenges?
  • Q&A, Open discussion between speaker and participants.

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5th Forest Innovation Workshop 2023 Report

Started in 2014 as a joint initiative of European regions and forest sector organizations, the 5th edition of the European Forest Innovation Workshop devoted to Inform-Prioritize-Collaborate: Cooperation of Regions on Innovation in Forest Management, Use of Wood and Forest-related Services, has taken place on 18 January 2023 (full-day workshop) at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union in Brussels.

The role of innovation in managing new challenges in the forest-based sector at regional level in the EU.

Documentation of Plenary and Break-out Sessions

Main objectives of the event

  • Understanding the new framework for regional innovation policies addressing the forest-based sector in Europe
  • Presenting relevant innovations from different European regions that are helping address key European policy ambitions
  • Connecting experts and practitioners to speed up knowledge flows
  • Encourage public and private collaboration at EU and regional levels to foster innovation

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Participant list

Photos from the event


The event provided an opportunity to learn about the most recent updates on European initiatives and connect with a selection of innovative cases, presented during the 2 rounds of breakout sessions.

The themes addressed in the workshop are:

  1. Carbon market, bioeconomy, climate smart forestry and rural development
  2. Forest degradation and nature restoration
  3. Ecosystem services and better integration in forest management

Digitalization and social innovation are cross-cutting aspects contributing to the above themes.



Introduction to Regional Authorities Round-Table Discussion on priorities for innovation

Breakout Table 1: Carbon Market, Bioeconomy, Climate Smart Forestry and Rural Development

Breakout Table 2: Forest Degradation and Nature Restoration

Breakout Table 3: Provision of Ecosystem Services

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