26th European Forum on Urban Forestry – EFUF 2024

26th European Forum on Urban Forestry

From 21 to 25 May 2024, in Zagreb, Croatia, the annual European Forum on Urban Forestry, in its 26th edition, gathers researchers and professionals dealing with urban forests and green spaces. The overall theme of the conference is Urban Forests for All.

Abstracts that cover one or more of the following themes are invited:

  • Urban Forests for People and Society
  • Urban Forests for Sustainable Tomorrow
  • Urban Forests for All Living Beings

The event is in English and organised by the European Forest Insitute (EFI), the Croatian Forestry Society – section Urban Forestry, the Croatian Forest Research Institute, the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (University of Zagreb) and the Croatian Forests Ltd Company; the co-organisers are the Public Institution Nature Park Medvednica. The Zagreb Tourist Board is sponsoring the event.

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Forestry and Wood Industry in Europe

Together with the Cooperation Platform Forest Wood-Paper (FHP), the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management commissioned the first study on the significance of the forestry and wood industry throughout Europe. The effects of the forestry and wood industry on value creation and employment were investigated by means of collaboration at a European level. 

Download the publication in English and German.

Content: Forestry and Wood Industry in Europe (Forst- und Holzwirtschaft in Europa)

Publisher: Forst Holz Papier

Urban forests: a global perspective

Urban forestry is not a one-size-fits-all solution; each city and region, with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, requires tailored strategies.

In recognition of the diversity and distinctiveness of urban forestry issues and their potential for mitigating environmental and socioeconomic inequality across the globe, FAO has asked experts around the world to share their views on how urban forests and trees are perceived and managed in their respective geographical areas, bringing together a broad range of regional perspectives.

The primary goal of this publication is to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of urban forestry worldwide. By showcasing the regional perspectives, insights, experiences and case studies in urban and peri-urban forestry (UPF), we hope to inspire individuals, communities and policymakers to reimagine their relationships with urban green spaces.

Content: Urban forests: a global perspective

Publisher: FAO

Authors: Borelli, S.; Conigliaro, M.; Di Cagno, F.

Year: 2023

Clearing House Webinar Series: Urban forests as nature-based solutions

Join the CLEARING HOUSE Webinar Series – Urban Forests as Nature-Based Solutions

This webinar series is based on the thematic guidelines developed by CLEARING HOUSE experts to assist stakeholders across Europe, China, and globally in implementing Urban Forests as Nature-Based Solutions (UFNBS). Each webinar will be available in English and Mandarin with live translations. The target audience for the webinars includes professionals and practitioners spanning policy, planning, and practice. The webinar series is organised by Metropolis and the CLEARING HOUSE project, with the support of EFUF and SUPERB.

  • “An Introduction to Urban Forest Strategic Planning”, November 15th, 9 am
  • “Urban Forest Governance: Achieving Effective and Collaborative Management”, November 17th, 9 am
  • “Empower Your Local Communities: Participatory Urban Forest Design and Management”, November 22nd, 9 am:
  • “Protection and Restoration: How to Maintain and Improve Your Urban Forest”, November 24th, 9 am

More info about the webinars and registration on the CLEARINGHOUSE website.