Adopting nature-based solutions to improve the climate resilience of local governments: NBS4LOCAL, project is funded by Interreg EUROPE

The lead partner is the Ministry of Interior-Hungary, and partners are Flemish Land Agency-Belgium, Regional Council of Lapland-Finland, Rzeszow Regional Development Agency-Poland, Provincial Council of Alicante-Spain, Competence Centre Ltd. for research and development-Croatia, Burst Non-profit Limited Liability Company-Hungary, Prime Minister’s Office-Hungary.

The aim of the project is to effectively integrate nature-based solutions (NbS) into national or regional policy instruments, ensuring that local authorities view them as viable tools for development. This integration will be supported not only through regulatory measures but also through resource allocation.

Throughout the project, international partners will review policy instruments relevant to their respective regions using the same criteria. Each partner will also gather good practices related to NbS in their specific areas. These good practices will be aligned with the identified needs in the policy toolbox, fostering mutual learning and knowledge sharing. The main challenge of NBS4LOCAL is to explore how different methodological approaches and solutions can be further developed and aligned with sectoral planning tools.

Additionally, the project aims to mainstream NbS through coordination among local governments, enabling the implementation of multifunctional solutions with quantitative and measurable indicators for monitoring and evaluating the progress and effectiveness of NbS agendas. Developing such indicators will establish a foundation for these solutions’ efficient and systemic application.

Project implementation: 3/2023 – 2/2027

Project value: EUR 2.039.442,45

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Clearing House Webinar Series: Urban forests as nature-based solutions

Join the CLEARING HOUSE Webinar Series – Urban Forests as Nature-Based Solutions

This webinar series is based on the thematic guidelines developed by CLEARING HOUSE experts to assist stakeholders across Europe, China, and globally in implementing Urban Forests as Nature-Based Solutions (UFNBS). Each webinar will be available in English and Mandarin with live translations. The target audience for the webinars includes professionals and practitioners spanning policy, planning, and practice. The webinar series is organised by Metropolis and the CLEARING HOUSE project, with the support of EFUF and SUPERB.

  • “An Introduction to Urban Forest Strategic Planning”, November 15th, 9 am
  • “Urban Forest Governance: Achieving Effective and Collaborative Management”, November 17th, 9 am
  • “Empower Your Local Communities: Participatory Urban Forest Design and Management”, November 22nd, 9 am:
  • “Protection and Restoration: How to Maintain and Improve Your Urban Forest”, November 24th, 9 am

More info about the webinars and registration on the CLEARINGHOUSE website.