Investment barriers in the European Union 2023

The report identifies and examines the barriers and bottlenecks that hinder investment and economic growth in the EU. Highlights barriers related to climate investments in the forestry sector, commercial power purchase agreements, and climate-resilient roads, exploring the issue of antimicrobial resistance in the health sector.

Challenges and opportunities for cross-border infrastructure projects, which are essential for the completion of the EU single market and the enhancement of connectivity and cohesion, are covered in the report.

Discover summaries of the EIB Group surveys of EU corporates, municipalities, and finance practitioners and illustrative case studies.

The surveys reveal the impact of high uncertainty, monetary policy tightening, and skills shortages on investment decisions and financing conditions. They show EU firms’ and municipalities’ progress and needs in the green and digital transitions.

Content: Investment barriers in the European Union 2023

Publisher: European Investment Bank (EIB)

Year: 2024