Forestry and Timber Knowledge Transfer and Networking Event

Forestry and Timber Knowledge Transfer and Networking Event

On 13 June 2024, the Welsh Government is organising the Forestry and Timber Knowledge Transfer and Networking Event at Bangor University, Neuadd Reichel LL57 2TW, from 9:30 to 16:15 UTC+1.

This event is focused on research findings relevant to Welsh forestry and the timber industry. Forest Research will present findings from the Science and Innovation Strategy for Forestry in Great Britain, and other speakers include Natural Resources Wales, Confor, Wood Knowledge Wales, and the Welsh Government.

Topics will include:

  • Felling and restocking methods to maintain/increase productivity
  • Climate change adaptation and resilience
  • Future species diversification
  • Climate change mitigation and carbon benefits of forestry


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EU-FarmBook platform pre-launch online event

EU-FarmBook platform pre-launch online event

Join us for the pre-launch event of the EU-FarmBook platform on 8 February 2024, from 10:30 to 12:00 CET; the platform is focused on innovative agricultural and forestry-related topics. Discover the following key aspects during this online event:

  • Explore the platform: Learn about the platform’s capacities, benefits for contributors, and the overall vision.
  • Advantages for project coordinators: Gain insights into the platform’s advantages for project coordinators, with a focus on H2020 and Horizon Europe Project Coordinators.
  • Forthcoming features: Get a sneak peek into the upcoming enhancements designed to improve user experience and build upon existing features.

To learn more about the launch and register for the event, click here.

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Vision 2040 of the European Forest-based Sector

The European forest-based sector, a cornerstone of Europe’s bioeconomy, has a long history of providing for the needs of a growing population. Based on sustainable forest management and offering renewable products that don’t compete with food production over land use it creates several opportunities that should be further developed.

  • This publication presents the long-term goals and targets of the forest-based sector in Europe, which aims to provide solutions to global challenges and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
  • How the forest-based sector can help reduce pollution, provide renewable energy, create economic and social links between urban and rural areas, achieve higher productivity and innovation, make sustainable buildings and consumption, and conserve and use natural resources efficiently.
  • Current and potential benefits of the forest-based sector, such as providing renewable raw materials, non-wood forest goods and services, green electricity and biofuels, new fibre-based products, and innovative technologies and processes.
  • Strategic research and innovation agenda (SRA) of the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP), which identifies the key areas and actions needed to achieve the vision. It also highlights the role of FTP as a focal point for stakeholder collaboration and policy support.

Content: Vision 2040 of the European Forest-based Sector

Publisher: Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP)

Year: 2019

Open and upcoming Horizon Europe calls

Five Horizon Europe calls are open for the forest-based sector. The deadline for these calls is set on 7 February 2024.

Several calls also opened on 17 October and others will open in December 2023, for instance:

All the open and upcoming calls are available on this page of the FTP Database.

Critical review on a sustainable circular bio-economy for the forestry sector

Environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainable development must be considered to address global challenges in using bio-based resources. System thinking is the foundation of a sustainable circular bio-economy. The forestry sector is needed to (i) enable biomass use in a series and (ii) manage conflicts over the various forest demands.

A transition towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy can bring many potential benefits. For example, resource value retention strategies, enabling wood use in multi-stage cascades, can secure jobs, resource supply, and healthy ecosystems. The biggest hindrance to action so far is the not well-thought-out path. Therefore, this report ends with a guide to start discussions, across the forestry sector, on all practicalities and consequences of a transition.

Content: Critical review on a sustainable circular bio-economy for the forestry sector

Author(s): Nele Schmitz, Andreas Krause, Jan Lüdtke

Year: 2023

Language: English, Germany

Funding Opportunities: Open Call for Proposals in 2023

If you are looking for funding opportunities, 19 Horizon Europe calls relevant to FTP stakeholders are currently open. You will find CBE JU calls (Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking) and Horizon Europe Missions. The deadline to apply is set on 20 September 2023.

ForestValue2 Joint Call 2023

ForestValue2’s international call for research, development and innovation proposals in the forest-based sector is now open. Submit your proposal by 1 September 2023 — indicative public funding of up to €7 million.

ForestValue2 is a network that supports the coordination and alignment of national and regional funding programs for forest-based bioeconomy research and innovation to strengthen the European Research Area and support the European Green Deal. It aims to implement international calls in the forest-based sector with financial commitments. It seeks to provide a fast and straightforward way to set up international projects through its links to national programs.

5th Forest Innovation Workshop 2023 Report

Started in 2014 as a joint initiative of European regions and forest sector organizations, the 5th edition of the European Forest Innovation Workshop devoted to Inform-Prioritize-Collaborate: Cooperation of Regions on Innovation in Forest Management, Use of Wood and Forest-related Services, has taken place on 18 January 2023 (full-day workshop) at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union in Brussels.

The role of innovation in managing new challenges in the forest-based sector at regional level in the EU.

Documentation of Plenary and Break-out Sessions

Main objectives of the event

  • Understanding the new framework for regional innovation policies addressing the forest-based sector in Europe
  • Presenting relevant innovations from different European regions that are helping address key European policy ambitions
  • Connecting experts and practitioners to speed up knowledge flows
  • Encourage public and private collaboration at EU and regional levels to foster innovation

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Participant list

Photos from the event


The event provided an opportunity to learn about the most recent updates on European initiatives and connect with a selection of innovative cases, presented during the 2 rounds of breakout sessions.

The themes addressed in the workshop are:

  1. Carbon market, bioeconomy, climate smart forestry and rural development
  2. Forest degradation and nature restoration
  3. Ecosystem services and better integration in forest management

Digitalization and social innovation are cross-cutting aspects contributing to the above themes.



Introduction to Regional Authorities Round-Table Discussion on priorities for innovation

Breakout Table 1: Carbon Market, Bioeconomy, Climate Smart Forestry and Rural Development

Breakout Table 2: Forest Degradation and Nature Restoration

Breakout Table 3: Provision of Ecosystem Services

Past editions