Helsinki Biodiversity Day

Helsinki Biodiversity Day

On 23 May 2024, join the CircHive team for the Helsinki Biodiversity Day at the University of Helsinki campus. The event focuses on biodiversity in businesses and cities with international examples. Businesses and representatives of cities and municipalities are invited to register for and participate in the discussions, knowledge sharing and networking.


  • Business and Biodiversity
    • Integrating biodiversity and economy
    • Accelerating the nature positive transition: valuation and measurement as drivers of systemic change
    • Biodiversity initiatives within the CircHive consortium & panel discussion
  • Biodiversity Initiatives in Cities
    • CircHive’s work with cities
    • Presentations of the case-study cities

Visit the CircHive website to check out the agenda and register for the event here.

Biodiversity check-up: participate in the CircHive stakeholder survey

Many organisations have pledged to protect nature as part of their sustainability efforts. But how well are businesses aware of biodiversity conservation, and what steps can they take to achieve their goals?

CircHive stakeholder survey

CircHive is a new Horizon Europe project dedicated to helping organisations recognise, measure and report on the value of nature.

We invite public and private sector stakeholders interested in learning how to measure and manage the impact on nature to join the BeeHive and collaborate with CircHive in exploring and testing methods for combining two approaches to valuing nature: biodiversity footprinting and natural capital accounting.

Contribute to the survey and learn how other organisations tackle biodiversity challenges

CircHive created a biodiversity survey targeting businesses to understand organisations’ current state of biodiversity management. It aims to gather insights into organisations’ awareness and actions concerning biodiversity and related environmental aspects.

The results of this CircHive stakeholder survey will help CircHive provide guidance and develop better methods and tools for setting targets and monitoring and reporting their impact on nature. Is your organisation ready to make a change? Take the survey today.

Make your organisation’s voice heard and contribute to our efforts to improve our work and tools – maximising our impact on building a sustainable future.