Perceptions on the bioeconomy in Castilla y León

The Bioregions Facility launched the Perceptions on the bioeconomy in Castilla y León, Spain, May–June 2022.

The survey targets different groups within government and industry to understand how they perceive the bioeconomy, its benefits, and its challenges.

Learn more about the Government and industry bioeconomy perceptions survey and ways to implement the survey in your region.

Content: survey report on government and industry perceptions on the bioeconomy in Castilla y León, Spain

Author(s): Siebe Briers, Inazio Martinez de Arano, Javier Calvo-Simón, Marta Boillos Mínguez

Year: 2023

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Congrés BIT 2023 Lleida Edition

On 28–29 September 2023, the second edition of Congrés BIT 2023 will be hosted in Lleida, Spain. The topics will focus on the alternative protein and forest valorisation routes. Two days packed with the latest science, experts and entrepreneurs from the bioeconomy industry to explore the latest innovations and business projects.

Check out the preliminary programme here.

Photo by Congrés BIT 2023

Bioeconomy Innovation Day 2023

Sustainable forest management can help forests adapt to the changing climate, balancing wood production, other forest products and ecosystem services. Forest biomass, agricultural, fishery and food subproducts are the primary sources of renewable, locally sourced materials for the Basque Country.

On 4 October 2023, the Bioregions Facility, the regional government of the Basque Country and partners will organise the Bioeconomy Innovation Day in Bilbao, Spain. Focusing on the latest science and innovative solutions in the bioeconomy, participants are invited to connect with researchers, forest owners and policymakers to discover new opportunities to drive sustainable growth.

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Networking & Pitching session – CBE JU calls

With the support of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) and the Forest-based Sector Technology PlatformXylofutur is organising with three French clusters (ValorialVegepolys Valley and Polymeris) an online networking event to encourage cooperation under the CBE-JU calls. It takes place on 26 May at 9.00 (CEST).

After an introduction by BIC, to give some practical information on how to build an efficient consortium, participants can pitch their expertise or search for partners or attend the session to learn more about who is doing what in the field of bioeconomy in Europe. Following topics are covered by the calls: forest-based value chains, bio-based composites and (co-)polymers, bio-based packaging, bio-based fertilisersbiorefineries… and many more!

The event targets companies (all sizes, from start-ups to large ones) and academia from across Europe but cluster organisations are more than welcome to join.

Registration is mandatory and open until 22 May. For participants who want to pitch, a template for the presentation slides will be provided by the organisation team.
The pitch can’t exceed 3 minutes, must be held in English and relate to one of the open calls of CBE-JU.

FTP has selected 13 CBE-JU calls relevant to the forest-based sector, find the list on FTP Database.

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Concurso Iniciativas innovadoras para impulsar la bioeconomía del Gobierno Vasco

La iniciativa está dirigida a start-ups y personas emprendedoras con un negocio o idea basada en la bioeconomía que, en caso de ser seleccionadas, participarán en la incubadora de proyectos del Centro de Empresas e Innovación de Güeñes.

¿Formas parte de una start-up o eres una persona emprendedora con un proyecto o idea de negocio en el ámbito de la bioeconomía?

Si es así, a partir de hoy puedes solicitar tu participación en el concurso de iniciativas puesto en marcha por el Gobierno Vasco, a través de HAZI, para captar ideas e iniciativas empresariales que impulsen el crecimiento económico en la comarca de Enkarterri.

La iniciativa, encuadrada dentro del Plan Estratégico Comarcal Enkarterri 2030, pretende generar proyectos innovadores en tres ámbitos: la cadena agroalimentaria, la cadena forestal y la economía circular. El objetivo es poner en valor los recursos naturales como motor económico en una zona con un sector primario muy especializado y con una superficie arbolada que abarca más de la mitad del territorio.

Este concurso de iniciativas cuenta con un presupuesto de 1.500.000 euros, que premiará las mejores ideas y proyectos empresariales y ofrecerá acompañamiento y servicios especializados a lo largo de todo el proceso de emprendimiento, desde la incubación de la idea hasta el lanzamiento al mercado del producto o servicio.

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Survey on students’ perceptions of bioeconomy entrepreneurship

Ensuring the success of the EU Green Deal requires information about how the public understands different bioeconomy solutions. To understand the viewpoints of young citizens and future professionals, our team at EFI’s Bioregions Facility has developed a survey on students’ perceptions and attitudes towards bioeconomy and entrepreneurship.

The Bioeconomy Perceptions Survey targeted at students is an important tool to help regions learn more about their own bioeconomy ecosystem. It aims to provide insights into how students of higher education perceive the role of entrepreneurship in the field of bioeconomy, as well as related opportunities and challenges.

Are you a student? – Participate now in the Survey!

Everyone has a role to play in reducing environmental impacts: from the private sector, to governments, international organisations, and even individual consumers, our choices can help propel the transition to more sustainable systems. Share your voice to help shape the future of sustainable development in your region!

By filling in this survey on bioeconomy perceptions, you can enter into a competition to win a EFI wood-based t-shirt. Follow the registration link that is unlocked upon completing the survey! The survey is open until 16.2.2023.

Do you work at a higher education institution? – Launch the survey now in your higher education institution!

Bioregions Facility will provide the survey link along with an invitation letter for easy deployment. All you have to do is inviting the students in your study programme or educational institution to participate in the survey. High-level researchers at the European Forest Institute will analyse the survey results and deliver a European-wide final report.

For questions or to launch the survey in your higher education institution, write an email to venla.wallius[@]

Survey target outcomes

  • Understand students’ perceptions of bioeconomy and entrepreneurship
  • Get insights on the available training and support for entrepreneurship at educational institutions
  • Engage universities into the forest bioeconomy discussions and open up new collaboration opportunities