Climate and Circularity Calculator from Basque Country

Environmental assessment validates a project or programme’s importance by analysing the benefits, costs, and risks of the issue on the environment. Organisations have environmental assessments to implement more sustainable business practices and follow legal requirements.

The Basque Country has introduced a simplified calculator with various environmental performance metrics to aid Spanish organisations.

What’s the Climate and Circularity Calculator?

Corporate environmental footprint result from Climate and Circularity Calculator. Source: Ihope 2024.

The Climate and Circularity Calculator is a web-based tool created by Ihobe, the Basque Government’s Public Environmental Management Company. It is available for free and helps organisations calculate:

  • life-cycle assessment of their products and services
  • carbon footprint of the organisation, products and services, and corporate environmental footprint
  • circular economy indicators

How it works?

From an organisation’s point of view, the tool can be used to calculate the corporate environmental footprint, the carbon footprint, and a selection of circular economy indicators following the “Circular Transition Indicators 3.0” methodology, which is compatible with the future ISO 59020 standard.

From a product point of view, the tool is used to perform life-cycle assessments of products and services and calculate their carbon footprints.

The Climate & Circularity Calculator, specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), is a powerful tool for diagnosing and monitoring environmental activity from a life cycle perspective; for example, it allows for eco-design simulations. This is important in the current context, where compliance with stringent legislation and the future of carbon neutrality by 2050, as established in Law 1/2024 on Energy Transition and Climate Change, are key concerns. Moreover, it can help transform good environmental activity into a competitive advantage in the market.

Learn more about the Climate and Circularity Calculator and download the manual here.

EGURTEK 2024 International Forum of Architecture and Construction in Wood

EGURTEK 2024 International Forum of Architecture and Construction in Wood

On 16 and 17 2024, Egurtek 2024 International Forum of Architecture and Construction in Wood celebrates its 10th edition. The event is committed to promoting the sustainable utilisation of wood and providing opportunities for knowledge exchange.

Meet renowned architects such as Shigeru Ban, Michael Green, Sou Fujimoto, Alex de Rijke, Alvaro Siza, Cazu Zegers, Marcel Baumgartner, Alpo Ranta Maunus and Georg Wolfgang Reinberg. Explore European projects related to wood construction during the event.

Learn more about EURTEK 2024 here.

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EUSKOBASOA 2050 Conference, Forest Improvement Plan for the Basque Country

EUSKOBASOA 2050 Conference, Forest Improvement Plan for the Basque Country

On 14 February 2024, NEIKER is organising a transfer day to inform the forestry-timber sector of the preliminary results of EUSKOBASOA 2050. The conference will be held at NEIKER’s Centre in Arkaute from 9:30 to 12:00 CET.

EUSKOBASOA 2050 has four lines of work: health, new alternatives, wood quality and the Radiata pine genetic improvement plan’ reactivation.

To register for the event and learn more about the agenda, click here (in Spanish).

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Exploring collaboration: Basque Country delegation’s visit to EFI

On 31 August 2023, a delegation from the Basque Country, Spain, visited the European Forest Institute (EFI) headquarters and the Bioregions Facility in Joensuu, Finland. The visit was part of a trip the delegation made to Helsinki and Joensuu to strengthen their relations and seek collaboration opportunities with different institutions working on the bioeconomy.

Robert Mavsar, interim director of EFI, introduced EFI’s work and strategic role in research and innovation, followed by Diana Tuomasjukka, who highlighted the ongoing projects and activities done in the Bioeconomy Programme to Estibaliz Hernáez, vice-minister of Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Bittor Oroz, vice-minister of Fisheries, Agriculture and Food Policy, Leire Barañano, general director of Neiker, and Imanol Goenaga, advisor for environment and sustainability.

The Basque government has an ambitious bioeconomy roadmap. It aims to make the region a reference in the bioeconomy, promoting the generation and consolidation of high-value economic activities based on the optimal exploitation of regional resources.

Research and support

The delegation visited Luke’s wood technology lab and Metla’s wooden building. Photo by: Ekonomiaren Garapena via Twitter.

Presentations were followed by vivid discussions on the challenges that developing a sustainable bioeconomy has in the Basque Country and the rest of Europe, such as including biodiversity and social responsibility in industries, the role that perceptions and beliefs play in forest planning and management, and the need of models and tools that analyse ecological, economic and social aspects.

“The Basque Country counts with a lot of research information; what we need to develop further are models that can make information useable in a practical way. Effectively communicating the findings is also crucial to move from a traditional mindset to a more science-based one,” said Leire Barañano.

The work of EFI in providing tools that link knowledge to action and in communicating science to the population and industries is crucial in this scenario.

The Basque delegation at Business Joensuu. Photo by: Andrea Arancibia.

Lauri Sikanen, principal scientist and group manager of Luke—an organisation expert in the sustainable use of renewable natural resources—presented Luke’s research programmes and how they foster the forest-based bioeconomy in Finland.

Basque Country moving forward

The Basque delegation was received by Seppo Tossavainen, Business Specialist, and Kirsi Svard, Business Coach, at Business Joensuu, where they had the opportunity to learn more about the organisation’s development services and Forest Joensuu Innovation Ecosystems.

Companies supported by Business Joensuu—Hiil and WoodSense from Mielikki Nordic—pitched their solutions. They discussed the favourable conditions that Business Joensuu and the bioeconomy ecosystem in North Karelia provide for the development of forest-based companies.

Basque Country delegation at Arbonaut
The Basque Country at Arbonaut with Tuomo Kauranne. Photo by: Ekonomiaren Garapena via Twitter.

During the afternoon, they met Pekka Äänismaa, director and stakeholder relations at Metsäkeskus – Finnish Forest Centre, who presented the Centre’s work. Tuomo Kauranne, president of Arbonaut, gave a presentation on Living with fire: How to mitigate forest fires with digital twins of the forest.

Bittor Oroz, vice-minister of Fisheries, Agriculture and Food Policy, expressed his gratitude for the satisfactory relations that the Basque Country has with EFI as well as the membership of the region in the Bioregions Facility.

Featured image: Minna Korhonen by EFI

Expression of interest: pitch your solution at the Bioeconomy Innovation Day 2023

Ahead of the Bioeconomy Innovation Day on 4 October 2023 in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain, the Bioregions Facility invites innovative companies, start-ups and researchers to provide close-to-market or in-the-market to pitch their solutions at the event to key stakeholders and experts in the bioeconomy and forestry sectors.

Expression of interest should be in the following sectors:

  • Sustainable and multifunctional forestry
  • Advanced biomaterials
  • Biobased construction

Selected candidates will have the opportunity to gain access to key stakeholders in the Basque Country, enhance their understanding of the Basque bioeconomy ecosystem, foster their professional networking, and receive transport and accommodation.

Are you interested, or do you know someone who would benefit from this opportunity? Share the expression of interest form today.

Thank you for your interest, the call is now closed.

Bioeconomy Innovation Day 2023

Sustainable forest management can help forests adapt to the changing climate, balancing wood production, other forest products and ecosystem services. Forest biomass, agricultural, fishery and food subproducts are the primary sources of renewable, locally sourced materials for the Basque Country.

On 4 October 2023, the Bioregions Facility, the regional government of the Basque Country and partners will organise the Bioeconomy Innovation Day in Bilbao, Spain. Focusing on the latest science and innovative solutions in the bioeconomy, participants are invited to connect with researchers, forest owners and policymakers to discover new opportunities to drive sustainable growth.

Learn more

Concurso Iniciativas innovadoras para impulsar la bioeconomía del Gobierno Vasco

La iniciativa está dirigida a start-ups y personas emprendedoras con un negocio o idea basada en la bioeconomía que, en caso de ser seleccionadas, participarán en la incubadora de proyectos del Centro de Empresas e Innovación de Güeñes.

¿Formas parte de una start-up o eres una persona emprendedora con un proyecto o idea de negocio en el ámbito de la bioeconomía?

Si es así, a partir de hoy puedes solicitar tu participación en el concurso de iniciativas puesto en marcha por el Gobierno Vasco, a través de HAZI, para captar ideas e iniciativas empresariales que impulsen el crecimiento económico en la comarca de Enkarterri.

La iniciativa, encuadrada dentro del Plan Estratégico Comarcal Enkarterri 2030, pretende generar proyectos innovadores en tres ámbitos: la cadena agroalimentaria, la cadena forestal y la economía circular. El objetivo es poner en valor los recursos naturales como motor económico en una zona con un sector primario muy especializado y con una superficie arbolada que abarca más de la mitad del territorio.

Este concurso de iniciativas cuenta con un presupuesto de 1.500.000 euros, que premiará las mejores ideas y proyectos empresariales y ofrecerá acompañamiento y servicios especializados a lo largo de todo el proceso de emprendimiento, desde la incubación de la idea hasta el lanzamiento al mercado del producto o servicio.

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