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Forestry Speed Dating: 2nd Series

This series was made possible with the support of our Bioregions members: Basque Country, Catalonia, and North Rhine-Westphalia

Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament d'Acció Climàtica, Alimentació i Agenda Rural
Ministerirum Für Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

In this second series, Forestry Speed Dating (FSD) puts innovators from wood construction and wood technology in contact with potential partners and end-users to speed up innovation and create new partnerships.

Sustainable construction

Wood has emerged as a top choice for sustainable construction—for a good reason: carbon sequestration, energy-efficient, low carbon footprint, renewable, health and well-being and much more.

Our factsheets

Did you miss any of our Forestry Speed Dating series events? Do not worry! Every presented innovation is featured in a factsheet with the collaboration opportunities highlighted.

We have nine factsheets from technologies in wood buildings to circular design and materials and structural insulated panels. Explore them now and contact the innovators.

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Second series: Bio-based solutions for sustainable construction

Our second Forestry Speed Dating Series took place May–December 2022 and January 2023, allowing attendees to discover the latest timber and hybrid construction innovations.

Read the factsheets below to learn more about building materials and techniques that allow to convert the construction sector from a carbon source to a carbon sink.

High performance building materials

Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification

Avant Wood provides innovative Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification solutions (TMTM™) and associated process control software and hardware technology. With Avantwood’s modification units, small-diameter timber can be used commercially in high-value-added engineered wood products.

Garnica G-brick

A recent product from Garnica is G-brick, an insulating structural panel with high mechanical performance recommended for the construction system in passive or high-performance energy-efficient projects.

Circular design of wooden building materials 

Infuture Wood

The project’s work on “Design of timber building for deconstruction and reuse” focuses on the primary design of buildings and ways to facilitate deconstruction. The project has developed the first design version for the deconstruction and adaptability indicator system.

Modcons Project

The project aims to develop solutions for building with stackable, scalable, adaptable and reusable wood using CLT Panels made with Irish Sitka Spruce.

Use of recovered wood


100détours seeks to find a second life for the wood of old doors and windows in France. This wood, with excellent qualities, allows for many reuses.


Hiil is developing a lean, sustainable and efficient process to remove the nails and char the surface of the wood to eliminate the microbes, concrete and dirt.

Use of recovered wood


RISE has done inventories of the deconstruction of wooden buildings, developed a set of criteria to assess the quality of recovered wood, tested recovered wood for the development of models, and designed mass timber products and CLT panels.

Wood-based insulation

Wood Pulp Panels

The Basajaun project developed a thermal insulation panel from wood pulp (CTMP). The insulation panels are recyclable and biodegradable. The innovative panels present an equal thermal conductivity as current wood fibre-based insulation materials and have a good insulation performance. 

IMIP Project Systems

The IMIP project has developed a variety of sandwich panels from wood and cork. Use cases include facades, roofs, and floors—implemented in different pilots. The innovative panels show good mechanical resistance and are compatible with conventional construction systems.

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Forestry Speed Dating Series

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