Solid wooden doors using recovered wood

Wood materials recovered from old doors and old wooden constructions to be reused as core for new, custom-made solid wooden doors with a unique design.

Italian national wood collection and recycling network

A dynamic group of 2000 companies forms Italy’´s national consortium for the collection, recovery and recycling of wood packaging, with  up to 2 million tonnes of collected wood material recycled annually.

Including circular bioeconomy products and services in public procurement

Highlights from a Bioregions webinar exchange on bio-based public procurement in three Bioregions.

A forest-based circular bioeconomy for southern Europe: Visions, opportunities and challenges

Synthesis report on the results of research work, institutional reports, and contributions from researchers in the bioeconomy field to analyse the challenges and opportunities for developing a forest-based bioeconomy in Southern Europe.

Visions, opportunities and challenges for the bioeconomy in Southern Europe

This two-pager describes the need for and key components of a long term, predictable and coherent regulatory framework to promote a bio-based economy in Europe.

The bioeconomy as an opportunity to solve the structural problem of forest fires in southern Europe

Four key messages on the socio-economic and ecological drivers of the dangerous increase in forest fire risk in Southern Europe, and how the bioeconomy might be a catalyst to reverse the problem.

Investing in Nature as the true engine of our economy: A 10-point Action Plan for a Circular Bioeconomy of Wellbeing

This 10-point Action Plan calls for collective action to put nature at the heart of the economy and set the world on a sustainable path.

Leading the way to a European circular bioeconomy strategy

EFI study outlining the steps needed to implement a circular bioeconomy strategy in the European context to meet global sustainable development goals.

Climate-Smart Forestry: mitigation impacts in three European regions

An EFI science-policy report demonstrating how different Climate-Smart Forestry measures in three European regions can enhance the role of forests in tackling climate change.

Substitution effects of wood-based products in climate change mitigation

State-of-the-art knowledge on the greenhouse gas effects of various wood products compared to alternative materials, and what the limitations are.

Towards a sustainable European forest-based bioeconomy – assessment and the way forward

A synthesis of existing knowledge for policy makers on the importance of forests and forestry in contributing to the future European bioeconomy.

Non-wood forest products in Europe: Seeing the forest around the trees

Perspectives on non-wood forest products in Europe, presenting new findings on markets, outlining the needs for a new policy framework, and offering examples of innovation in the sector.