Furniture valorising locally recovered waste wood

A micro-value chain approach where old furniture and solid wood pieces are collected locally, dismantled and recovered to be reused in new furniture.

Load-bearing wooden ceiling element suited for high acoustic demand

How timber ceiling elements meet the requirements of aesthetics, room acoustics, sound insulation and fire protection in one product.

Solid wooden doors using recovered wood

Wood materials recovered from old doors and old wooden constructions to be reused as core for new, custom-made solid wooden doors with a unique design.

Italian national wood collection and recycling network

A dynamic group of 2000 companies forms Italy’´s national consortium for the collection, recovery and recycling of wood packaging, with  up to 2 million tonnes of collected wood material recycled annually.

Including circular bioeconomy products and services in public procurement

Highlights from a Bioregions webinar exchange on bio-based public procurement in three Bioregions.

A forest-based circular bioeconomy for southern Europe: Visions, opportunities and challenges

Synthesis report on the results of research work, institutional reports, and contributions from researchers in the bioeconomy field to analyse the challenges and opportunities for developing a forest-based bioeconomy in Southern Europe.

Visions, opportunities and challenges for the bioeconomy in Southern Europe

This two-pager describes the need for and key components of a long term, predictable and coherent regulatory framework to promote a bio-based economy in Europe.

The bioeconomy as an opportunity to solve the structural problem of forest fires in southern Europe

Four key messages on the socio-economic and ecological drivers of the dangerous increase in forest fire risk in Southern Europe, and how the bioeconomy might be a catalyst to reverse the problem.

Investing in Nature as the true engine of our economy: A 10-point Action Plan for a Circular Bioeconomy of Wellbeing

This 10-point Action Plan calls for collective action to put nature at the heart of the economy and set the world on a sustainable path.

Leading the way to a European circular bioeconomy strategy

EFI study outlining the steps needed to implement a circular bioeconomy strategy in the European context to meet global sustainable development goals.

Climate-Smart Forestry: mitigation impacts in three European regions

An EFI science-policy report demonstrating how different Climate-Smart Forestry measures in three European regions can enhance the role of forests in tackling climate change.

Substitution effects of wood-based products in climate change mitigation

State-of-the-art knowledge on the greenhouse gas effects of various wood products compared to alternative materials, and what the limitations are.