A forest-based circular bioeconomy for southern Europe: Visions, opportunities and challenges

Synthesis report on the results of research work, institutional reports, and contributions from researchers in the bioeconomy field to analyse the challenges and opportunities for developing a forest-based bioeconomy in Southern Europe.

All things.Bio

Allthings.Bio is a portal that disseminates communication and education materials on the bioeconomy and bio-based products to a general audience.

Bio-based products: Green premium prices and consumer perception of different biomass feedstocks

A nova-Paper presenting the results of a market study on second generation biomass and products thereof with a focus on consumer perception, demand, and green premium prices.

BLOOM School box

Collection of bioeconomy related teaching resources which educators can use to introduce the concept of bioeconomy in their classrooms as a trigger to raise student interest in science subjects and their awareness of important societal challenges.

Climate-Smart Forestry: mitigation impacts in three European regions

An EFI science-policy report demonstrating how different Climate-Smart Forestry measures in three European regions can enhance the role of forests in tackling climate change.

EFI Knowledge to Action: Bioeconomy

How could a bio-based circular economy can be the engine needed to address the major environmental and social challenges that threaten the well-being of existing and future generations.

EFI Knowledge to Action: Climate Smart Forestry

The role of Climate Smart Forestry and how it can help to mitigate the EU’s CO2 emissions up to 20% by 2050.

European Bioeconomy Library

European Bioeconomy Library is a transparent, readily available, user-friendly bioeconomy knowledge base platform powered by the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking.

Furniture valorising locally recovered waste wood

A micro-value chain approach where old furniture and solid wood pieces are collected locally, dismantled and recovered to be reused in new furniture.

Green care

Learn about 20 innovative Green Care initiatives from Green4Care, divided into 4 thematic sectors: Forest-based Care; Urban Green Care; Social Agriculture; and Green Care Tourism.

How the fashion industry is turning to forests for the fibres of the future

A Financial Times video shows that the transformation of wood into bio-based textile fibres      has the potential to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

Including circular bioeconomy products and services in public procurement

Highlights from a Bioregions webinar exchange on bio-based public procurement in three Bioregions.