Catalan Bioeconomy Strategy 2030

The Catalan Bioeconomy strategy and Action Plan encourage the transition to an economic model based on the optimal use of renewable and local biological resources with a focus on the primary sector: agriculture, livestock, forestry and fisheries.

First EU certification of carbon removals

The Commission is proposing the first EU-wide voluntary framework to reliably certify high-quality carbon
removals. This is a necessary instrument to reach the EU’s climate, environmental and zero-pollution goals.

Cree Buildings – Hybrid Prefabricated system for large buildingsCree Buildings

Technology consulting company offering versatile prefabricated solutions for the construction of large scale projects. CREE Buildings enables its partners to erect quickly, reliably, at low risk, and with significantly reduced CO2 emissions a wide range of building types.

VISENDUM – Engineered Wood for exteriors

Sustainable Engineered Wood for exteriors, ideal for flooring, pool decks, terraces, slipways, stairs, furniture doors, fences, wall and facade cladding, pergolas and solar protection.

SLIM – Translucent sheet of augmented wood

Translucent sheet of authentic wood, available for various applications – from cladding and decoration to tactile interfaces – and in a variety of local wood species (tulipwood, grey tulipwood, natural sycamore, etc.).

STACK – High resistance wood block for luxury and design

Wood block with exceptional mechanical properties and durability. Its technology consists of multiple layers of SLIM, our translucent sheets of augmented wood, stacked and assembled into sturdy blocks.

Multi-Storey Timber-Based Buildings: An International Survey of Case-Studies with Five or More Storeys Over the Last Twenty Years

Since the early 2000s, there has been a steady and heterogeneous proliferation throughout several western countries of multi-story timber-based buildings. This thesis confirms that since the first five-storey building was realised in 2004, at least 196 others were built until 2019. With many of these case-studies having been researched for the first time, the goal of this dissertation is to categorize the different international approaches and to define what are the drivers which had an effect on the design.

Note on the Development of a Sustainability Screening for Regional Bioeconomy Strategies

This report provides the context and justification for the development of BE-Rural’s Sustainability Screening, a description of its methodological procedure, and the syntheses of results from the two experimental implementations of the approach in the Stara Zagora and Vidzeme regions. The last chapters present the main lessons learned from these two pilots and the overall conclusions of the task.

Wood in Construction – 25 cases of Nordic Good Practice

This publication features 25 Nordic cases from across the value chain working with wood in exciting and innovative ways. The 25 cases point to five trends within Nordic wood in construction that paint a picture of where the industry is headed: 1) multifunctionality; 2) saving time and costs; 3) investing in scalability; 4) pushing the boundaries; and 5) circular design.