The Future of Wood Construction: Opportunities and Barriers Based on Surveys in Europe and Chile

The demand for wood has increased in recent years due to new technical possibilities and environmental concerns. This paper provides an analysis of the factors that affect the use of wood in the construction sector, and an assessment of their importance in individual countries and for groups of stakeholders.

Photo: Finnish Government

Finland Bioeconomy Strategy 2022-2035

Finland’s Bioeconomy Strategy 2022-2035 aims to double the added value of bioeconomy in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable manner and to make Finland climate neutral by 2035.

Photo: FAO

Forest products in the global bioeconomy

Enabling substitution by wood-based products and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Photo: World Green Building Council

Bringing embodied carbon upfront

Coordinated action for the building and construction sector to tackle embodied carbon.

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Gender equality in the Nordic bioeconomy: A method manual

The forest and agricultural industries are two of the Nordic region’s most gender-segregated sectors. The method manual is an accessible guide for teachers and students to integrate digital issues from a gender perspective into forest and agricultural education.

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Guidance note on monitoring the sustainability of the bioeconomy at a country or macro-regional level

The guidance note describes a series of general steps to establish an effective and robust system to monitor the sustainability of the bioeconomy in a given country or macro-region. This note builds on lessons learned from existing experiences of national and macro-regional bioeconomy monitoring systems.

How the fashion industry is turning to forests for the fibres of the future

A Financial Times video shows that the transformation of wood into bio-based textile fibres      has the potential to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

EFI Knowledge to Action: Climate Smart Forestry

The role of Climate Smart Forestry and how it can help to mitigate the EU’s CO2 emissions up to 20% by 2050.

EFI Knowledge to Action: Bioeconomy

How could a bio-based circular economy can be the engine needed to address the major environmental and social challenges that threaten the well-being of existing and future generations.

Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz North-Rhine Westphalia dissemination materials

The State Forestry Administration of North Rhine-Westphalia provides in this repository a series of materials in German on sustainability, environment, and forest-related topics.

BLOOM School box

Collection of bioeconomy related teaching resources which educators can use to introduce the concept of bioeconomy in their classrooms as a trigger to raise student interest in science subjects and their awareness of important societal challenges.

Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy

The Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy is a European Commission initiative on better knowledge management for policymaking on the bioeconomy.