Perceptions on the bioeconomy in Catalonia

The Bioregions Facility launched, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of Catalonia, Spain, a survey in Catalonia targeting government, industry and research sectors from 29 September to 1 December 2022 in Catalan.

The survey sought to understand how these sectors perceive the bioeconomy, its benefits, and its challenges. Some of the key findings are the following:

  • Participants perceive the bioeconomy as a promising economic model highly related to a circular economy and providing several environmental benefits.
  • Bioeconomy is perceived to be highly linked to circularity, biomass use for multiple purposes, and sustainable land management.
  • Catalan business and policy actors suggest that bioenergy is the region’s bioeconomy sector with the highest potential for growth.
  • Participants indicate that the government and industry are equally responsible for research, development, and innovation investments.
  • According to respondents, the bioeconomy has the strongest goal alignment with climate change mitigation & adaptation, circular economy, clean energy, and rural development. Technological innovation and biodiversity conservation are other policy areas with very high overlap with bioeconomy.

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Perceptions on the bioeconomy in Catalonia, Spain

Content: a bioeconomy report targeting government and industry in Catalonia, Spain

Author(s): Siebe Briers, Inazio Martinez de Arano

Year: 2023

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