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Student bioeconomy perceptions survey

Policy learning

Bioeconomy perceptions

Society’s views on how to take action to mitigate and adapt to climate change are essential in shaping a sustainable, carbon-neutral economy.

Involving university students in co-creating and implementing bioeconomy policies and initiatives is necessary—they are the future workforce who will move forward in the bioeconomy.

To identify the current state of students’ perceptions, the Bioregions Facility conducted a bioeconomy survey targeting university students in Europe.

Considering the perspectives of these future decision-makers on issues that directly impact their well-being can help create a more effective bioeconomy route for governments and corporations.

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Survey targeted at Students

About the survey

The student bioeconomy perceptions survey is a valuable tool to help regions learn more about their bioeconomy ecosystem. It aims to provide insights into how higher education students perceive entrepreneurship’s role in the bioeconomy and related opportunities and challenges.

Launch in your institution

The Bioregions Facility seeks to support regional-level policymakers to take advantage of robust regional policy tools and global best practices, create mutually beneficial partnerships with the private sector, and deeply understand the unique regional challenges and supporting conditions for the bioeconomy.

Interested in launching the survey in your educational institution? Contact us at bioregions@efi.int

Survey targeted at Government & Industry


  • Understand students’ perceptions of bioeconomy and entrepreneurship
  • Get insights on the available training and support for entrepreneurship at educational institutions
  • Engage universities in the forest bioeconomy discussions and open up new collaboration opportunities

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