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Government and industry’ bioeconomy perceptions survey

Policy learning

Bioeconomy perceptions

Transitioning towards a more sustainable economy and society is necessary for broad social and political support—the views of different groups are essential to maximise impact.

Policymakers, government and actors from forest and wood can contribute to promoting the forest bioeconomy. However, we need to understand first how their perceptions of the topic.

To identify the current state of government and industry perceptions, the Bioregions Facility researched those stakeholders’ forest bioeconomy perceptions.

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About the survey

The survey targeted government and industry groups to understand how these sectors view the bioeconomy, its potential benefits, challenges, and their roles in promoting or implementing bioeconomy-related initiatives.

The Bioregions Facility seeks to support regional-level policymakers to take advantage of solid regional policy tools and global best practices, create mutually beneficial partnerships with the private sector, and deeply understand the unique regional challenges and supporting conditions for the bioeconomy.

Launch in your region

The Bioregions Facility provides a survey toolkit with materials in the region’s local language for easy implementation. The region only needs to identify potential respondents within regional government and industry and invite them to participate in the survey.

The government and industry’s bioeconomy perception survey has been launched in nine regions: Basque Country, Castile and León, Catalonia, Central Bohemia, Flanders, North Karelia, North Rhine-Westphalia, South Ostrobothnia and Tuscany.

Watch the presentation to understand better how the survey process works and the results that can be achieved in your region.

Interested in launching the survey in your region? Contact us at bioregions@efi.int


  • Inform bioeconomy-related policies and planning.
  • Communicating and raising awareness of the bioeconomy.
  • Engage actors in government and industry in the bioeconomy.

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