Forestry Speed Dating

Forestry Speed Dating

Bioregions’ Forestry Speed Dating events emerged to foster innovation in the regional forest bioeconomy. Forestry Speed Dating puts innovators in contact with potential partners and end-users, to speed up innovation and create new partnerships. Through a continuous series of speed dating workshops, and facilitation of meeting with innovators, you can find inspiration and explore new solutions towards a sustainable forest circular bioeconomy for your area.

How does it work?

The Forestry Speed Dating events follow different themes. Within each theme, the Bioregions Facility organises a number of Forestry Speed dating events with their own specific focus. During each Forestry Speed Dating event, two or three innovations are presented by their owners. These innovations can belong to companies, research projects or even government initiatives. After the presentations of the innovations, one breakout room per speaker is opened so that attendees can connect and pursue collaborations with the innovators

First Series: Digitalisation of forest management, inventory and monitoring.

During the first Forestry Speed Dating series, that ran during October 2021 - March 2022, you could discover new digital solutions to improve forest management, sustainable forest operations and efficient supply. Find out more about digital tools that support forest managers’ decision-making as well as communicating what you do to the public and engaging their input.

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Second series: Bio-based solutions for sustainable construction.

Our second Forestry Speed Dating Series that started in June 2022 and is currently still running, allows attendees to discover the latest innovations related to timber and hybrid construction. Find out more about building materials and techniques that allow to convert the construction sector from a carbon source to a carbon sink.


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Would you like to see a specific innovation presented?
You can now submit your proposed innovation!
Bioregions Facility is eager to know about any existing forest bioeconomy innovations. If we think that your proposed innovation would fit well within an upcoming Forestry Speed Dating event, then we will be happy to provide this opportunity. The upcoming series is on bio-based solutions for sustainable construction, innovations related to this topic have priority.
On the other hand, it might happen that you want to tell us a problem you are facing rather than a solution or you want to suggest a thematic for a Forestry Speed Dating series or event. In that case, do not doubt to contact us by sending an email to siebe.biers @
Innovation Factsheets

Was an innovation or theme of your interest included in a past Forestry Speed Dating event but did you not attend? Do not worry! Every presented innovation is featured in a factsheet with the collaboration opportunities highlighted. Do you think you could be the potential partner the speaker was looking for? Then contact the innovator through the contact information included in the factsheets.

Second series: Bio-based solutions for sustainable construction.

Infuture Wood project

The project’s work on “Design of timber building for deconstruction and reuse” focuses on the primary design of buildings and ways to facilitate deconstruction. The project has developed the first version of the Design for deconstruction and adaptability indicator system.

Photo: 100détours


100détours seeks to find a second life for the wood of old doors and windows in France. This wood, with excellent qualities, allows for many reuses. The proposed solutions range from glued-laminated panels, acoustic panels, furniture and sunshades, up to micro-architecture: garden sheds, bicycle shelters, and playgrounds.


MODCONS project

The project aims at developing solutions for building with wood that are stackable, scalable, adaptable and reusable, using CLT Panels made with Irish Sitka Spruce.



A recent product from Garnica is G-brick, an insulating structural panel with high mechanical performance recommended for the construction system in passive or high-performance energy-efficient projects.


Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification

Avant Wood provides innovative Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification solutions (TMTM™) and associated process control software and hardware technology. With Avantwood´s modification units, small-diameter timber can be used commercially in high value added engineered wood products

First series: Digitalisation of forest management, inventory and monitoring.


Forest HQ brings together forest valuation, management and harvesting in a single online platform. The Forest Valuation module of ForestHQ allows simple, automated forest valuation. Dendrometric field data can be collected using the Arboreal App.


Arbonaut ProMS

Arbonaut ProMS is a project management system that is developed with its users for forest operation planning, implementation and monitoring. It is used as light ERP system by SMEs providing forest services, maintaining forest roads or acquiring bioenergy.



Festmeter offers vitality analyses with regards to bark beetle detection in conifer forests using satellite imagery. The service is designed to help prevent excessive damage in the forest. Festmeter identifies the majority of beetle infestations.



WoodsApp consists of a smartphone app for forest owners and a web application for forestry organisations that allows direct communication between both groups of actors. The forest owners use WoodsApp to locate their forests plots, retrieve information about them, receive notifications from the forest manager and send geo-located messages to them.



MOTI is a free application, specifically designed for forest inventory. MOTI allows forestry professionals to capture the key dendrometric variables as a single measurement combined in a sample plot, or at the level of a stand inventory with automatic calculation of the error range of the estimations.

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