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Enabling wood in construction

Policy learning

Beyond the energy challenge, the constructions sector is responsible for a significant share of our consumption of resources: 50% of all extracted materials and 30% of water consumption. Meanwhile, embodied carbon in the built environment has been estimated to 10-12% of total carbon emissions in several EU member states.

Construction and deconstruction/demolition waste is one of the heaviest and most voluminous (25%-30%) waste streams generated in the EU.

Current Bioregions Facility work is focussing on aiding policymakers and policymaking in the interaction of governance, markets, and society and involves close interaction with regions to determine (infra)structure profiles and public procurement procedures.

Topics include:

  • The mobilisation of sustainably sourced wood in construction.
  • Climate benefits of wood in construction, including enablers and challenges.
  • Implementation of LCA ́s as a standard in the construction sector.
  • Innovative bio-based construction materials.
  • Use of recycled bio-based materials in construction.