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To raise awareness on the forest bioeconomy, we consider it crucial to thoroughly understand how different target groups perceive the bioeconomy and related topics. The views of these groups are essential to help prioritise regional bioeconomy actions and communications to maximise their impacts.

To obtain insights into how different target groups perceive the bioeconomy, the Bioregions Facility designs and implements Bioeconomy Perceptions Surveys for different target groups.

Our survey efforts also contribute to large-scale comparative analyses across participating regions that can help harness and promote important strides toward a circular bioeconomy across Europe.

Bioeconomy perceptions survey
Survey targeted at Students

Student Bioeconomy Survey

The Bioeconomy Perceptions Survey targeted at students is a valuable tool to help regions learn more about their own bioeconomy ecosystem. It aims to provide insights into how students of higher education perceive the role of entrepreneurship in the field of bioeconomy, as well as related opportunities and challenges.

High-level researchers at the European Forest Institute analyse the survey results and deliver a European-wide final report.

The survey has been launched in six regions: North Karelia, Basque Country, North Rhine-Westphalia, Tuscany, Castilla y León and Central Bohemia.

Outcomes – Survey targeted at Students

  • Understand students’ perceptions of bioeconomy and entrepreneurship
  • Get insights on the available training and support for entrepreneurship at educational institutions
  • Engage universities into the forest bioeconomy discussions and open up new collaboration opportunities
Survey targeted at Government & Industry

Launch the survey in your educational institution

The Bioregions Facility seeks to support regional level policymakers to take advantage of strong regional policy tools and global best practices, create mutually beneficial partnerships with the private sector and deeply understand the unique regional challenges and supporting conditions for the bioeconomy.

Bioregions provides an easy-to-follow survey toolkit with materials in your local language for easy deployment.

All your region needs to do is identify potential respondents within regional government and industry and invite them to participate.

If you are interested in joining this effort by launching the survey in your region, contact the Bioregions Facility at bioregions@efi.int

Survey results