North Rhine-Westphalia advances circular economy in construction

The construction industry, a significant consumer of natural resources and energy, plays a crucial role in climate change mitigation. To meet climate goals like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Renovation Wave Strategy, or Europe’s Green Deal, it’s imperative to reconsider our resource usage and building practices. This includes reducing emissions and waste and embracing recycling.

Focusing on strengthening sustainability in the sector, The Ministry of Homeland, Local Government, Building and Digitalisation of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, has taken a significant step in promoting the circular economy in state building construction by updating the decree.

The construction and real estate company North Rhine-Westphalia (BLB NRW) manages a significant real estate portfolio and is tasked with implementing sustainability principles.

The Sustainable Building Assessment System (BNB) plays a crucial role in evaluating building sustainability, focusing on ecological, economic, and socio-cultural quality, thereby promoting sustainable construction practices.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology is a game-changer in future-proofing public buildings. It allows for virtual construction before actual building, aiding in sustainability calculations and ensuring the longevity of these structures.

In accordance with the new circular economy law

Earlier this year, North Rhine-Westphalia implemented a new circular economy law to replace the previous state waste law. This new law aims to facilitate the transition to the circular economy and sustainability.

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