North Karelia tackles climate change with innovation

North Karelia aims at being a forerunner in climate sustainability in Finland by 2030. The region’s Climate and Energy Programme 2030 approved by the Regional Board in February 2021 shows the way to achieve this goal.  

The Programme is focused on finding solutions to mitigate and slow down climate change. It encourages regional operators to recognise opportunities offered by research and technological development and emphasizes collaboration across organisational boundaries.

The Climate and Energy Programme sets the following targets to be achieved no later than 2030:

  • North Karelia is a region full of life with a population full of well-being.
  • Biodiversity is safeguarded in all activities.
  • Energy is low-emission, produced in the region and comes from local natural resources.
  • Climate-sustainable construction and housing are enabled in both urban and rural areas.
  • The region’s natural resources are used in a sustainable and climate resilient manner, enabling diverse business operations.
  • Expertise and research data in the region are transferred to operators in a flexible way. North Karelia is an inclusive local society allowing for the active participation of its residents and communities.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions in the region have decreased by 80 % between 2007 and 2030.  

The programme has been prepared through broad cooperation between actors in the region. The process is perceived to be inclusive, ensuring consideration of different perspectives. As central themes the programme highlights peatlands, biodiversity, sustainable use of forests and global responsibility.

The previous Climate and Energy Programme was launched in 2011 and complemented in 2017 by the Roadmap Towards Oil-free and Low-carbon North Karelia.