New Bioregions website boosts regional initiatives for a circular forest bioeconomy

The newly launched Bioregions website provides a vivid gateway to the forest circular bioeconomy, revealing a wealth of information and resources, and showcasing initiatives and opportunities at regional scale.

The European Forest Institute (EFI) and pioneering regions across Europe have been working closely together since 2020 to share ideas, experiences, and good practices on the circular forest bioeconomy. The Bioregions Facility, coordinated by EFI, supports bioeconomy initiatives with regional roots to have an outsize impact internationally, fuelling the transformation to a circular, forest-based bioeconomy in Europe.

The new website for the Facility is packed full of information on the forest circular bioeconomy, featuring themes on wood construction, green chemistry, forest fashion and green care, as well as a huge repository of resources, information on forthcoming events, and forest bioeconomy news. Regional bioeconomy innovation ecosystems are explored for the three member Bioregions, North Karelia, North Rhine-Westphalia and Basque Country, with facts & figures, vision & strategy and relevant actors.

The Bioregions Facility has an ambitious work programme, with the website featuring findings and results from past work, as well as an insight into what’s ahead.

Explore the Bioregions website!

About Bioregions Facility

The Bioregions Facility promotes transregional cooperation for a sustainable and integrative forest-based circular bioeconomy. The European Forest Institute established the Facility in 2020 together with three pioneer regions willing to take the lead in forest bioeconomy development: Basque Country (Spain); North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany); and North Karelia (Finland). Bioregions aims to fuel the regional sustainable forest bioeconomy by supporting innovation, networking, and policy learning.