The LIFE CO2PES&PEF (2020-2023) has achieved results to increase the practice of Sustainable Forest Management, for institutions and businesses. This demonstrates that collaborative and integrated nature-based solutions are preferred to mitigate and adapt to climate change. During the project, silvicultural activities were carried out to reduce vulnerability to windstorms and enhance integrated relations among forest biodiversity, including the incrementation of selective thinning to improve the growth and health of remaining trees. In parallel, in collaboration with PEFC Italy, the project developed a Standard Protocol to certify ecosystem services generated from sustainable forest management silviculture. Moreover, during the project, we focused on the role of businesses that should encourage and promote a sustainable wood supply chain by applying the PEF methodology, assisted by the guidelines provided by the PEFCRs, to reduce their environmental impact.

Content: Italy’s factsheet from Unlocking Forest Carbon Markets – Event 7 of the Forestry Speed Dating 3rd Series

Publisher: Bioregions Facility

Year: 2024

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