Introducing Catalonia’s technical dossier on bioeconomy #127

Are you aware of the transformative potential of a circular bioeconomy in Catalonia? Then check this recent report: “ Towards a circular bioeconomy for Catalonia (Cap a una bioeconomia circular a Catalunya in Catalan),” is the 127th issue of the report series published in March 2024 by the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Catalan Government. The document outlines the strategy to shift towards a sustainable and circular bioeconomy by 2030.

This approach aims to revitalise the local economy, enhance environmental resilience, and promote equitable territorial development. For instance, Catalonia’s bioeconomy strategy 2021–2030 (EBC2030) emphasises using local renewable biological resources to produce goods and services across all economic sectors.

Catalonia’s technical dossier on bioeconomy objectives

  • The bioeconomy sector is already of significant relevance in Catalonia. The goal is to decarbonise Catalonia’s economy, making it more sustainable, circular, inclusive, and resilient while creating business opportunities, for example, in the primary sector. The content of this technical dossier are
  • The political and social context of Catalonia’s bioeconomy
  • Improved forest management and the use of forest resources.
  • Creation of resilient agroforestry landscapes and sustainable provision of ecosystem services.
  • Development of innovative uses for livestock manure and other organic waste.
  • Improved use of co-products and by-products from the food chain.
  • The role of Catalonia’s new bioeconomy Hub: the Biohub CAT
Catalonia’s bioeconomy strategy factsheet.

Moving forward

There’s a need for systemic approaches and new governance forms that link public policies with territorial challenges and needs, fostering experimentation and learning. In addition, citizens should also play a role by adopting new lifestyle and consumption models to support the transformation towards a bioeconomy.

Read the full technical dossier (in Catalan) to learn more about the government’s strategies and actions.

Photo by curtoicurto from Getty Images