Innovation for place-based transformations

Climate change, such as more intense and frequent wildfires, floods, and droughts underscores the urgency of addressing these challenges. In addition, biodiversity loss, deforestation, gender and income inequality are increasing the complex situation. These complex issues need to be addressed now. But how to address them?

The answer lies in adopting new tools, mindsets and approaches are required. This report focuses on different strategies and different organisations, sectors, and actors, transcending boundaries. 

The “Innovation for place-based transformations” publication contains three core sections: “Actionbook to build partnership for fair green and digital transitions”, “Collection of practices” and “Tools for action”.

Content: Innovation for place-based transformations

Author(s): Bianchi Guia; Matti Cristian; Pontikakis Dimitrios; Reimeris Ramojus; Haegeman Karel Herman; Miedzinski Michal; Sillero Illanes Carmen; Mifsud Solange; Sasso Simone; Bol Erica; Marques Santos Anabela; Andreoni Antonio; Janssen Matthijs; Saublens Christian; Stefanov Ruslan; Tolias Yannis

Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union

Year: 2024