Forestry Speed Dating: Use of recovered wood in construction

EFI Bioregions Facility is continuing its virtual Forestry Speed Dating series on Bio-based solutions for sustainable construction. During the third event of this series, taking place on 22 November 2022, one research project and two companies will show their advances and results on sustainable innovations using recovered wood in the construction sector. After the presentations in plenary, attendees can connect and seek for collaborations with the presenters and fellow attendees in breakout rooms.


Challenges and experiences reusing wood in building structures – By Karin Sandberg, Senior Researcher at RISE. 

The transformation to make the construction sector more circular is a very large task that requires new data. Therefore, cooperation is needed to overcome the many obstacles that exist, especially regarding quality assessment, standardisation, and regulation. RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, would like to continue in this research area and is open to leading or participating in new projects. The presentation will focus on the obstacles of reusing timber structures based on past experiences, including a study on deconstruction and reconstruction (re-building) of six timber buildings, among other experiences. 

Upscaling of construction with waste wood – a mass production approachBy Miikka Kotilainen, CEO Puuartisti.

Puuartisti aims to reduce waste in the construction industry by acquiring wood construction waste and upscaling it into surface materials. Puuartisti designs and manufactures unique pieces of furniture and interior installations from solid wood, and is currently in the pilot phase of production of wood structures using recycled wood, for which Puuartisti is looking for potential pilot customers, investors and collaborators.

Upcycling windows and doors into furniture, panels and micro-architecture – By Benjamin Verger, CEO 100détours. 

100détours seeks to find a second life for the wood of old doors and windows that once removed, were being incinerated or buried in France. This wood, with excellent qualities of durability, resistance and aesthetics allow many reuses. The proposed solutions range from interior and exterior furniture, glued-laminated panels, acoustic panels, claustras and sunshades, up to micro-architecture: garden sheds, bicycle shelters, and playgrounds. 100détours’ mission is to invent qualitative implementations, aesthetically and technically; and has the ambition to participate in the spread of this practice in France. 

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