Forest Joensuu: leading the new era

Globally unique and interconnected forest bioeconomy ecosystem, where all levels of education, world-class companies, and top-tier research converge.

Forest Joensuu is a collaborative network comprising prominent research, development, education and innovation entities in the Joensuu region, North Karelia-Finland, with the objective of enhancing both regional innovation capacity and global competitiveness.

Healthy forests provide excellent foundations for future resource-efficient forestry, where decades of expertise and material knowledge meet digitalisation. New innovations emerge by combining our expertise with other strengths of the region, such as photonics and emerging technologies.

Joensuu, the European Forest Capital, is the leading international player in the forest bioeconomy, accelerating the emergence of planet-restoring solutions that play a crucial role in combatting climate change, forest fires and loss of biodiversity.

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Featured image: courtesy of Forest Joensuu