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Forest bioeconomy in action platform

Innovation hub

The Forest Bioeconomy in Action Platform is a community to discover solutions, learn from knowledge, and keep track of news related to carbon farming

Innovative solutions are crucial to the development of the bioeconomy, and the platform can contribute to it. Initially, the solutions are focused on carbon farming, but the goal is to expand it to various forest bioeconomy topics.

The Forest Bioeconomy in Action Platform

The platform has about 100 solutions waiting to be explored, commented and shared—we’re still growing!

  • Improving tools and solutions to monitor, trace, certify and monetise forest carbon — increasing trust at all levels.
  • Facilitating engagement of all actors (e.g., forest owners, companies, citizens, etc.) — activating and matching carbon offer with demand.
  • Incorporating the different carbon sinks (e.g., biomass, soils, forest products) and possibly co-marketing of other ecosystem services.
  • Filter solutions based on “location,” “stage of development,” “seeking opportunity,” “solution theme,” and “organisation type.”
  • Create collections with chosen solutions. This collection has a unique link, and users can share the page with others—use the link to share your collection page with others.
  • Browse through Knowledge, Events and News for other knowledge products, the latest news and upcoming events.

Get involved

The Bioregions Facility is working with Ubuntoo, an environmental solutions platform provider, to search for relevant solutions. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and human curation, but users can also recommend solutions from other sources.

Apply today to become a beta tester and join our community.