Föra: AI and remote-sensing tool that gauges forest carbon stock and vegetation disturbances with multiple modules

Föra Forest Technologies’ tool, Förecast, is a forest intelligence tool that estimates the carbon stock available in the forest and measures other forest variables using remote sensing and artificial intelligence developed by Föra. Förecast leverages artificial intelligence and remote sensing to assess carbon stock in forests and offers transparent monitoring of vegetation disturbances. The tool comprises four modules: traditional inventory, LiDAR inventory, satellite and LiDAR integration, and forest simulations. Föra is among the winners of the Bioregions Open Innovation Challenge launched in 2022 and secured second place in the 2020 ESA Digital Twin Earth Challenge.

Content: Föra factsheet from Unlocking Forest Carbon Markets – Event 4 of the Forestry Speed Dating 3rd Series

Publisher: Bioregions Facility

Year: 2024

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