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Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 2 of the Forestry Speed Dating 3rd Series

October 19, 2023 - 10:00 am / 11:30 am

Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 2

Join us for the second event of the “Unlocking forest carbon markets with innovative solutions” to learn more about three companies that are working to reduce carbon emissions. The second event of the FSD 3rd Series will feature CarbonStack, Co2Offset, and Ecobase: three companies that are at the forefront of innovation and sustainability in the carbon market. Our solution providers are seeking collaborators, customers, funding, and pilot testers to help them develop their innovative solutions further. 


Meet the solutions

CarbonStack: A platform for forest carbon offset investment

CarbonStack is a company that creates forest reforestation initiatives to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and offers businesses sustainable investment opportunities in climate protection projects in different regions. They employ scientific modelling, remote sensing, and climate modelling to determine the carbon capture potential of each project, issue carbon credits, and provide a platform for contributors to visualise and monitor their investments. The company has received grants and seed investments to support its mission.


CO2Offset: Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to calculate the carbon dioxide sequestered in forests

CO2OFFSET is a start-up that connects companies that want to offset their carbon emissions with forest owners. The solution measures the carbon stored in the forests; it offers various services such as automated carbon credit sales, AI-managed credit wallets, machine learning algorithms, standardised blockchain-based credits and transparent contracts. Lands registered with CO2OFFSET also receive free forest management consultation.


Ecobase: Carbon offsetting and income generation for landowners with buyer collaborations

Ecobase is a company specialising in European afforestation and forestry carbon projects, working with landowners to profit from carbon removal income while reducing emissions. By planting trees on underutilised land and providing carbon removal and emission offset, Ecobase partners with various buyers, offering them different financial options and managing projects from registration to implementation.



  • 10:00–10:05 | Opening Remarks & Introductions
  • 10:05–10:25 | Ecobase presentation and Q&A
  • 10:25–10:45 | CarbonStack presentation and Q&A
  • 10:45–11:05 | CO2Offset presentation and Q&A
  • 11:05–11:25 | Breakout rooms with speakers
  • 11:25–11:30 | Final remarks and presentation of the next event

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October 19, 2023
10:00 am / 11:30 am
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