Enda Keane CEO of Treemetrics

Enda Keane

CEO, Treemetrics

Enda Keane is a driven and passionate professional with over 29 years of experience in the forestry industry. He is the CEO of Treemetrics, a world leader in forest measurement and monitoring technology.

Under his leadership, the company has developed a cutting-edge global forest monitoring platform that leverages advanced technology through support from the European Space Agency.

Enda has a deep understanding of the forestry industry and a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Forest Management.

Before joining Treemetrics, Enda worked as a forest manager for several companies, gaining extensive experience in forest planning, carbon estimation, and sustainability practices. In his current role at Treemetrics, Enda is focused on driving innovation and advancing the company’s mission to provide cutting-edge solutions for forest measurement and monitoring.

He is committed to helping the forestry industry improve sustainability and productivity and to contributing to efforts to combat climate change.

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