EGURALT project promotes the use of wood in building construction

The Interreg SUDOE project EGURALT aims to identify and apply new processes and technologies for the optimal use of wood, as a local and renewable product, in the construction of mid-rise buildings.

The EGURALT Consortium will work in a coordinated way in the following areas: the promotion of public housing in wooden buildings, the development of new technological products in wood and the transformation of the wood sector, which are necessary aspects of the paradigm shift in construction in the SUDOE area, towards a more sustainable construction based on the use of wood as a local and renewable product. This exchange of knowledge will enable the application of new products, processes and technologies, and thanks to its dissemination, the knowledge accumulation, the awareness of society and the international positioning of the participating agents and entities.

Planned activities include three transnational roundtables, seven study visits, a guide on timber construction, regional workshops and a seminar in April 2023.

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