Vigilantree by Cesefor

VigilanTree is an AI-based solution for monitoring natural events. Forest management requires automation of the inputs to information systems and the automated classification of images in a low-cost technology with enormous potential for controlling harvesting, public use, biodiversity research, timber transportation, human pressures on land, pest control or identification of fauna. This cloud tool gives managers a real-time alert system of what is happening in their land based on image classification and automatic learning.

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ArboFIRM by Arbonaut

Arbonaut offers various web, desktop, and cloud-based software solutions and mobile applications. Arbonaut Fire Risk Management (ArboFiRM) uses information based on remote sensing data (mainly LiDAR) to support decision-making for the prevention and extinction of forest fires in natural areas and wildland-urban interface.

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FORTRA is a digital tool available to forestry companies and consumers to provide traceability to wood-based products, recording the operations carried out by all the companies that are part of the transformation process from the forest to the market.

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HAZI coordinates and catalyses strategic projects to boost the competitiveness and sustainability of the food and forestry value chain, as well as to revitalise the rural and coastal areas of the Basque Country.

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Zerti Carbon

Zerti Carbon, a company that offers certified carbon sink solutions using blockchain technology, is dedicated to advancing climate-smart forestry solutions, connecting forest owners with companies interested in neutralising carbon emissions. Working with forest owners to restore and keep forests healthy and to help them connect with companies and individuals.

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Bioreformed is a pilot plant that strives to advance the field of bioremediation and environmental restoration. Their primary goal is to enhance sustainable Mediterranean forest management by upgrading an existing biorefinery through torrefaction and pyrolysis (TP) to produce renewable fuels and chemicals from forest biomass. The project’s main focus is on utilising natural processes and microbial systems to rehabilitate polluted environments, improve soil health, and restore ecosystems.

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Axalko Bikes designs and produces lightweight, high-quality, and eco-friendly electric bicycles using natural fibres and wood as raw frame materials. With a fusion of innovative engineering and eco-conscious principles, their bikes blend style, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

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Evolgene is a biotechnology company that applies advanced genetic research and innovative technologies to develop solutions for various industries.
The company has created a process to produce cellulose nanocrystals that could be used in healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability sectors. This biomaterial is obtained from various cellulose sources using ancestral enzymes.

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