New gas filling station in Joensuu will offer local biogas from North Karelian waste.

Wega’s gas filling station for cleaner energy solutions is the first in North Karelia and will offer biogas produced from the waste of the North Karelia region by the BioKymppi Oy. The expected gas refueling station will serve both gas-powered commercial vehicles of local companies as well as private drivers.

Wega will open the gas filling station in Joensuu. in the autumn of 2022 and construction work on Wega’s first gas filling station will start on Wahlforsinkatu in Joensuu in the spring of 2022.

Photo: WEGA

Biogas for transport use in North Karelia

BioKymppi Oy from Kitee will start processing biogas for transport use by the beginning of 2023. Pressurized biogas is sold at the Kitee and Joensuu filling stations. Construction work on the plant will begin in the spring as soon as the snow melts with earthmoving work and the installation of pipelines.

Silvadrones Oy – Lord of the Skies

Silvadrones Oy is a Joensuu start-up company which is renewing the traditional forestry sector from up upon high. The company uses spraying drones to spread boron fertiliser over forests. What’s more, we are not talking about some little model gliders here, but rather a flying robot unparalleled anywhere else in Finland.