ForestMap is an online platform developed by Agresta that calculates forest inventories based on remote sensing technologies such as LiDAR and Sentinel 2. ForestMap offers detailed forest inventory reports and provides information such as the wood stock in a forest plot and other key decision-making data you can easily request from your computer.

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Kelluu produces small, autopilot airships that can stay in the air (almost) permanently. Kelluu airships can be loaded with three kilograms of any modern sensors. Then they continuously move or float in place, collecting and transferring data wherever needed. Kelluu provides continuous aerial inspection or surveillance with their airships as a service.

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iWald is an application that supports forest owners’ decisions concerning forest management. The app allows forest owners to compare silvicultural treatments and simulate the growth processes of forests on the smartphone or tablet to make technically well-founded options for sustainable management of their forests.

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Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification

Avant Wood provides innovative Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification solutions (TMTM™) and associated process control software and hardware technology. With Avantwood’s modification units, small-diameter timber can be used commercially in high-value-added engineered wood products.

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Wood Pulp Panels

The Basajaun project developed a thermal insulation panel from wood pulp (CTMP). The insulation panels are recyclable and biodegradable. The innovative panels present an equal thermal conductivity as current wood fibre-based insulation materials and have a good insulation performance. 

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IMIP Project Systems

The IMIP project has developed a variety of sandwich panels from wood and cork. Use cases include facades, roofs, and floors—implemented in different pilots. The innovative panels show good mechanical resistance and are compatible with conventional construction systems.

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Hiil aims to recycle Finnish waste wood into wood that is suitable for construction (outdoor surfaces, indoor surfaces, and public infrastructure). Hiil is developing a lean, sustainable and efficient process to take off the nails and char the surface of the wood to eliminate the microbes, concrete and dirt.

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