Wood Pulp Panels

The Basajaun project developed a thermal insulation panel from wood pulp (CTMP). The insulation panels are recyclable and biodegradable. The innovative panels present an equal thermal conductivity as current wood fibre-based insulation materials, and they have a good insulation performance. 

IMIP Project Systems

The IMIP project has developed a variety of sandwich panels from wood and cork. Use cases include facades, roofs, and floors—implemented in different pilots. The innovative panels show good mechanical resistance and are compatible with conventional construction systems.


RISE has done inventories of the deconstruction of wooden buildings, developed a set of criteria to assess the quality of recovered wood, tested recovered wood for the development of models, and designed mass timber products and CLT panels.


Hiil aims to recycle Finnish waste wood into wood that is suitable for construction (outdoor surfaces, indoor surfaces, and public infrastructure). Hiil is developing a lean, sustainable and efficient process to take off the nails and char the surface of the wood to eliminate the microbes, concrete and dirt.


100détours seeks to find a second life for the wood of old doors and windows in France. This wood, with excellent qualities, allows for many reuses. The proposed solutions range from glued-laminated panels, acoustic panels, furniture and sunshades, up to micro-architecture: garden sheds, bicycle shelters, and playgrounds.

Infuture Wood project

The project’s work on “Design of timber building for deconstruction and reuse” focuses on the primary design of buildings and ways to facilitate deconstruction. The project has developed the first version of the Design for deconstruction and adaptability indicator system.

Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification

Avant Wood provides innovative Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification solutions (TMTM™) and associated process control software and hardware technology. With Avantwood´s modification units, small-diameter timber can be used commercially in high value added engineered wood products.


A recent product from Garnica is G-brick, an insulating structural panel with high mechanical performance recommended for the construction system in passive or high-performance energy-efficient projects.


WoodsApp consists of a smartphone app for forest owners and a web application for forestry organisations that allows direct communication between both groups of actors. The forest owners use WoodsApp to locate their forests plots, retrieve information about them, receive notifications from the forest manager and send geo-located messages to them.

SOCiT app

The SOCiT app is capable of providing an estimate of soil organic matter content using positional information and a photograph of the topsoil. While not as accurate as laboratory analysis, it can give a useful indication of soil OM content for land managers.

My Sustainable Forest

My Sustainable Forest integrates earth observation into daily decision-making processes and operations. Its diverse portfolio is grouped in six forest management services with more than twenty specific products.