Exploring carbon market solutions: Forestry Speed Dating new series

Forests capture and store carbon are crucial in mitigating climate change. Carbon farming, which applies land management practices that increase the amount of carbon stored in soil and vegetation, is an excellent strategy to exploit forests’ potential to contribute to climate goals.

Still, incentives to promote adopting climate-friendly practices need to be widespread across Europe.

The forest carbon market has become economically attractive for businesses to offset emissions and for landowners to support them financially while contributing to forest conservation and restoration. This fast market development raises the necessity to secure sustainability across the chain.

This requires implementing and scaling up solutions that measure and monitor carbon accurately, support small and medium landowners, create rigorous verification schemes and incentivise fair market conditions.

To promote such innovations, the European Forest Institute – Bioregions Facility has launched the third series of Forestry Speed Dating (FSD), an online event series to support innovative solutions in the bioeconomy. This series will explore how to unlock the potential of forest carbon markets with innovative solutions.

The solutions will be presented in a four-event format September–December 2023, ranging from carbon measuring, monitoring, and reporting to carbon marketplaces.

Registration for the Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 1 of the FSD 3rd Series on 14 September 2023 at 14:00 CEST (new date) is now open; meet and connect with Skoog and Treemetrics innovators and learn more about their solutions, ask questions and find ways for collaboration—don’t miss out and register now.

Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 1 of FSD 3rd Series