Towards a Circular Bioeconomy in Catalonia

The technical dossier Towards a Circular Bioeconomy in Catalonia (Cap a una bioeconomia circular a Catalunya) #127 focuses on the strategic framework, action plans, and collaborative efforts required to harness Catalonia’s biological resources and waste products, fostering innovation and knowledge transfer to meet the challenges of climate change, rural depopulation, and biodiversity loss.

The region aims to promote sustainable development in Catalonia through the enhancement of biological resource production and renewable processes. The technical dossier covers the following:

  • Catalonia’s Bioeconomy Strategy 2030 (read more)
  • Improvement of forest management and utilisation of Catalonia’s forest resources
  • Creation of resilient agroforestry landscapes and sustainable provision of ecosystem services in Catalonia
  • Valorisation of livestock manure and organic waste
  • Utilisation and valorisation of co-products and by-products of the food chain
  • Bioeconomy and resilience
  • The Biohub CAT: the hub of Catalonia’s bioeconomy
  • A favourable political context in a challenging social environment for Catalonia’s bioeconomy
  • Talking with Christian Patermann

Content: Cap a una bioeconomia circular a Catalunya (Towards a Circular Bioeconomy in Catalonia)

Publisher: Technical Cabinet of the Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Catalan government

Year: Technical dossier #127, March 2024