Bioregions Facility presents Bioeconomy Perceptions Survey at ERIAFF Annual Conference 2022

How do business and policy actors perceive the bioeconomy? This question, among many others, is what the Bioregions Facility aims to answer through their regional Bioeconomy Perceptions Survey targeted at government and industry.

The Survey procedure is organised around a Survey Toolkit, that allows a regional partner to launch the survey in cooperation with Bioregions Facility. The Survey Toolkit, provided in the regional language, contains all the necessary materials to enable the regional partner to identify target participants in different government and industry groups and disseminate the pre-formatted Survey. Afterwards, the results are analysed and translated into an analysis report and communications package, by high-level researchers at the European Forest Institute.

Contact us at bioregions[@] to launch the Survey in your region!

So far, the Survey has been launched by five regions: North Rhine-Westphalia, North Karelia, Basque Country, Castilla y León and Tuscany. The Bioregions Facility aims to attract at least five more regions before publishing a cross-regional comparison of Bioeconomy Perceptions in European regions. Therefore, the Facility started a cooperation with the ERIAFF network and will present a cross-regional comparison of four regions at the ERIAFF AC 2022

The Bioregions Facility will make two interventions at the ERIAFF Annual Conference. On 14 June at the plenary session “Projects and Good practices from ERIAFF members”, you can expect a brief introduction to the Bioregions Facility and the Survey process and benefits. On 15 June (11:30-13:30 local time / 10:30-12:30 Brussels time) at the BIOREGIONS Working group (Programme+ Link to join online), a comparison of the results from four regions will be presented.

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Photo: Mabel Amber via Pixabay