Bioeconomy perceptions of government and industry: a cross-regional comparison

The Bioregions Facility’s initiative Regional Bioeconomy Perceptions Survey, is scaling up with the Survey launched in five regions and the plan to launch the Survey in five more regions by the end of the year.

On 15 June 2022, at the ERIAFF Annual Conference, the Facility presented the Survey initiative and a cross-regional comparison of the results from four regions: North Karelia (Finland); North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany); Tuscany (Italy); and Castilla y León (Spain). This presentation has now been recorded and is available to watch to obtain an introduction to the Survey!

Does it sound interesting to asses how government and industry perceive the bioeconomy in your region? Would it be valuable to understand which bioeconomy sectors are perceived to have the highest potential for growth in your region? Do you want to get insights on improving collaboration with government and industry? The survey aims to achieve these target outcomes, among others.

Bioeconomy perceptions survey

Watch the presentation to understand better how the survey process works and the results that can be achieved.

government and industry bioeconomy perceptions survey
EFI junior expert Siebe Briers presents the survey’s goals and objectives.

Sections of the video:
0 min – Introduction
1:08 min – About the survey and process
5:13 min – Structure of the survey to six target outcomes
5:54 min – Results
22:37 min – Key objectives
24:15 min – Closing