Bioeconomy Innovation Day 2024 lineup: meet our innovative presenters

Industries such as wood-based construction and textiles made from cellulose are pushing forward innovation and introducing new products to the market.

These advancements in production methods and techniques help boost the economy, create job opportunities, and bring positive changes to the industry. Furthermore, these developments also have a ripple effect on other sectors, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

At this year’s Bioeconomy Innovation Day, we bring you three current topics: new opportunities for forest owners, advanced and circular bio-based solutions, and initiatives for supporting innovation in forest and wood-based bioeconomy.

Check our preliminary Bioeconomy Innovation Day 2024 lineup (in alphabetical order) and stay tuned for more updates:

Circulignum is part of the Bioeconomy Innovation Day 2024 lineup
CircuLignum team. Source: CircuLignum website.


Want to promote the circular economy in wood processing? The diverse community of students, lecturers and academic staff at TH OWL is committed to the sustainable use of wood and wood-based materials. Through innovation, education and cooperation, CircuLignum makes a positive contribution to climate protection; the team combines expertise in industrial engineering, digitalisation and wood technology to promote the material reuse of production offcuts.


The Ecobase platform collaborates with landowners to generate income from carbon removal and reduce emissions. They achieve this by planting trees on underutilised land and providing carbon removal and emission offset services. The platform offers financial options to buyers and manages the entire process from project registration to implementation, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation.

High-performance biocomposites by Strong by Form

Strong by Form specialises in the production of wood-based composites. Their innovative Woodflow technology utilises trees’ natural structural optimisation strategies to create lightweight yet robust components that can potentially replace steel and concrete. This technology emphasises strength and promotes sustainability by reducing the weight and environmental footprint of the products. The design freedom offered by this technology enables the creation of interiors that promote the natural warmth of wood.

Land Life

Land Life is a technology-driven reforestation company that plants trees on a large scale. They offer businesses and organisations the opportunity to address climate change and offset carbon emissions by restoring nature. The company is dedicated to enhancing biodiversity, improving groundwater, stabilising soil, and mitigating CO2 levels, facilitated through a prediction model that provides data on carbon capture and nature impact projections. Companies can contribute to reforestation projects, offsetting or compensating for their carbon footprints and providing additional income for landowners committed to protecting newly planted trees for at least 40 years.

Micodata and MicoQR by Cesefor

Micodata is a predictive model of wild mushroom production that facilitates mushroom harvesting. The Micodata estimates mycological production in Castilla y León. The project is organised by Cesefor and the Regional Government of Castilla y León and developed with the Valonsadero Forest Research Department of the Junta de Castilla y León, which has one of its first web information services in this GIS.

MicoQR is an application that allows traceability and guarantees the legality of the purchase and sale of wild mushrooms. Its main objective is to help organisations and individuals working in the mushroom industry with mechanisms to register their mushroom purchases, identify batches and deliver notes from the collector or producer.

WOWnature website.

WOWnature by Etifor

WOWnature is an online platform highlighting innovative forest restoration and reforestation projects. It also collects private sponsorship from individuals and organisations through tree adoption mechanisms. WOWnature has supported over 40 projects globally, including collaborations with mountain forest managers and enterprises to restore forests damaged by the Vaia windstorm in October 2018 in Italy.

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