Bioeconomy Innovation Day 2024 Innovation Factsheets

Bioeconomy Innovation Day 2024 Innovation Factsheets

Our lives are connected to the health of forests, which provide resources and essential ecosystem services such as clean air, water, and biodiversity. To ensure these benefits, we must adapt and innovate to better protect, restore, and manage the planet’s forests. Innovation can contribute to a move towards a green transition, with the need for circular bioeconomy solutions that promote resource efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance ecosystem resilience.

The Bioregions Facility has adopted this vision, recognising that effective implementation requires overcoming several challenges. These include bridging the knowledge-innovation divide, speeding up the uptake of new solutions, and strengthening cross-sectoral collaboration. This involves ensuring that research and technological advancements are translated into practical, actionable solutions that can be widely adopted. Achieving this requires scientific breakthroughs and effective communication and cooperation among researchers, policymakers, industry leaders, and local communities.

This report details the innovative solutions presented at the Bioeconomy Innovation Day 2024, including the type of solution, impact sector, and contact information. The report covers two key topics, each addressing different aspects of the bioeconomy:

  • Topic 1: New opportunities for forest owners – Explore new opportunities for forest owners in the bioeconomy sector.
  • Topic 2: Advanced and circular bio-based solutions – Pitch into innovative, circular bio-based solutions driving sustainability and progress.

Content: Bioeconomy Innovation Day 2024 Innovation Factsheets

Publisher: Bioregions Facility

Year: 2024