Basque BioDesign Center for biodesign, circular economy and the fasion industry.

The Basque BioDesign Center (BDC) is a design and development center for the fashion industry, the circular economy and biodesign. They understand design as a factor of transformation for competitiveness, sustainability and positive impact on society and the Basque Country.

BDC is a space whose mission is to drive the digital transformation of the materials of the future through experimentation, innovation and cooperation by creating technology-based solutions. Their vision is to be an inspiring place to “create”, which aims to unite the talent of the Basque Country with that of the rest of the world and to reduce the distance between design and science. Design must be placed at the center of circular economy strategies, and not just be a part of them; it is a key element in the development of a regenerative economy.

BDC was born with the ambition of being a place of learning to encourage and nurture new practices based on the development and prototyping of new materials and designs made from agricultural/livestock/food waste. As part of their activities, BDC provides education and training courses ranging from workshops with specific themes to a postgraduate.

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