How alternative proteins and new ways of forest valorisation can help the environment?

The BIT Congress (Congrés BIT in Catalan) will be held on 28–29 September 2023 in Lleida, Spain. This year’s theme is focused on “special alternative protein and forest valorisation.”

The Congrés BIT 2023 Lleida Edition brings together experts and entrepreneurs from the bioeconomy industry to explore the latest innovations and business projects. Aiming to strengthen the ecosystem of companies, technology and research centres, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Catalan region, thereby promoting growth and progress in these key sectors.

Check out the preliminary agenda (last update: 6 July 2023):


Day 1: Thursday (28 September 2023)

9:00–9:30 | Opening doors and accreditations

9:30–10:00 | Welcome event and inauguration of the Congrés BIT 2023 Lleida Edition

10:00–10:30 | Inaugural session

10:30–10:50 | Presentation on the capacity mapping study in alternative protein processing in Catalonia

10:50–11:15 | The vision and the role of companies in alternative protein value chains and new ways of forest valorisation

11:15–11:45 | Coffee break

11:45–12:15 | Sessions

Alternative protein (1) – Strategic vision of human nutrition: trends and challenges

New ways of forest valorisation (1) – Strategic vision of forest valorisation: trends and challenges

12:15–13:30 | Sessions

Alternative protein (2) – New raw materials for human nutrition

New ways of forest valorisation (2) – Carbon markets: perspectives, methodologies and standards for quantification

13:30–15:00 | Lunch-networking

15:00–16:15 | Sessions

Alternative protein (3) – Transformation processes and technologies

New ways of forest valorisation (3) – Forest biorefineries: the road to industrialisation

16:15–17:30 | Sustainability is profitable: bioECONOMY.

Day 2: Friday (29 September 2023)

9:30–11:00 | Services and capacities of universities and technological centres

11:00–11:30 | Coffee break

11:30–12:00 | BIOHUB CAT presentation

12:00–13:30 | Rock Stars: leaders of the bioeconomy

13:30–13:45 | Final remarks of the Congrés BIT 2023 Lleida Edition

13:45–14:00 | Closing

14:00–15:30 | Lunch-networking

16:00 | BIT Expo Conference (FIRA)

Visit the Congrés BIT 2023 website for the latest updates, news and speakers.

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