Advanced Course in Green Pedagogy

Apply now for the Advanced Course in Green Pedagogy (Curso Superior de Pedagogía Verde), a university postgraduate training specially designed to produce unique results and develop your professional career.

Green Pedagogy is a conceptual and methodological framework created to accompany the processes that reestablish our link with the Earth.
Green Pedagogy can be adapted to different professions and answer questions as varied as:

  • How can I accompany child development in Nature?
  • How can I design spaces that encourage Contact with Nature and bring people closer to the Earth?
  • How can I strengthen my bond with Earth to create the life I desire?
  • How can I channel and maximize the therapeutic power of Nature?
  • How can I take advantage of nature to create strong bonds between team members?

This training will guide you, step by step, to answer all these questions, and many others. You will learn to base yourself on the main scientific investigations. And through a series of profound experiences, you will fully understand the meaning of contact with nature and the processes of reconnection.

Where: Madrid 2023 and Barcelona 2024, Spain

420 hours of training


  • You will learn the “why” and “how” of contact with nature
  • You will strengthen your bond with the earth
  • You will know the basics of the reconnection process
  • You will incorporate the process into your profession